Hello, my name is Jérôme Renders,

I'm a young dude in my early twenties doing stuff on the Internet.

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Medium Nine

  • July / August 2016
  • UI, Front-end & Back-end dev

Medium Nine is an online tool, that allows you to re-create your real life comic book library online.

This idea came to me when — for birthdays, Christmas, etc. — people asked me what comic book I'd like as a gift. My friends and family know how much I love reading these and that I've accumulated quite a collection over the years.

This platform is the way to keep your relatives up to date with your library. Update your profile when you get new items and share your collection by mail or popular social networks.

Stay tuned — will be live very soon
Medium Nine's homepage
Antares - Episode 2
© Dargaud
Buddy Longway - Hooka Hey
© Le Lombard
Lanfeust de Troy - Les Pétaures se cachent pour mourir
© Soleil
Long John Silver - Neptune
© Dargaud

Cronos Business Services

  • since August 2015
  • UI, Front-end & Drupal dev

I joined the Drupal development team of CBS in August 2015. Since then we worked on different projects & never really had the time to build our own website

… until January 2016 !

In between two missions, I developed our new website to explain what we do and offer. CBS is part of the Cronos group in Wallonia, BE and we propose a lot of services (mostly consultancy).

Cronos Business Services in Wavre, Avenue Pasteur 23
Avenue Pasteur, 23 — Wavre, BE
  • 2016


    The new front name for the Drupal team in Cronos Business Services.

  • 2016

    La Ferme de Bourdon

    Re-design of their existing site/blog into a new Drupal architecture

    still brewing — will be live soon
  • 2016

    Institut de Santé Publique

    Consultancy mission at WIV-ISP in Ixelles — Brussels, BE. Along with another CBS consultant we helped their intern web team to build their new website.

  • 2015

    URBM[*] Université de Recherche en Biologie des Micro-organismes

    Improving their previous website into a fresh & modern UI.

  • 2015

    Eureka ITS

    One-page website presenting the services of Eureka ITS, a Cronos Group partner based in Luxembourg


Lines Und Colors

  • November 2015
  • UI, Front-end & Drupal dev

Showcase website of the drawings, paintings & collages of Luc Renders, a local artist from Belgium.

Isle sur la Sorgue by Luc Renders


  • March 2013
  • UI, UX & Graphic design

Mobile game wannabe, way too laggy on most of the phones, but hey, it was a school project and we had a great time building it !

Q — So … a school project you said ?

Yes, Crazysub is a project that two friends and I worked on during our last year in the Design Web & Mobile section of HEAJ in Namur, BE. The goal of this project was to achieve a somewhat working mobile app in only 2 weeks.

Q — What did you do on this project ?

I mainly did design stuff, from the graphic illustrations to designing the interface of the game. I had such a great time drawing & designing this game — I love drawing and gaming, this couldnt have been a better experience !
Crazysub splash

A few illustrations

We implemented 4 different submarines — which you unlock when reaching a certain point in game.
Each submarine has its own specification : more health points, increased ammo slots, bonuses (shoot multiple missiles at once), etc…

The Starter

  • 3 HP
  • 3 Ammo slots

The Basic Plus

  • 4 HP
  • 5 Ammo slots

The Speedster

  • 5 HP
  • 6 Ammo slots
  • shoots 2 missiles at once

The Tank

  • 8 HP
  • 10 Ammo slots
  • shoots 3 missiles at once

… and a lot more to discover while playing the game. Don't wait anymore, dive into this crazy world, try to unlock all four submarines & tweet me your best score ! — @JeromeRenders

Let's dive

About me — I strive to learn something new everyday

Born & raised in a small country squished between The Netherlands, Germany & France. Guessed it ? ... yep I'm belgian !

Since I was a kid I have been passionate about drawing and creating new stuff (mainly with Lego bricks at the time). This is the reason I started the Design Web & Mobile studies at HEAJ (Namur, BE) in 2010.

During my studies I learned how to create and build efficient UI systems on the web. After my graduation in June 2014 I challenged myself to keep learning something new every day.

I'm always thrilled to start new projects & discover new things. I frequently use Codepen for various experiments & I'm having a lot of fun creating these pens :

  • 2016

    Blob the cube [codepen]

    Pure javascript mini game where you control a cube named Blob — His job is simple : paint the world in purple.

    To achieve that, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. But beware, you cannot escape the green area or re-paint a square that is already painted. Enjoy!

    Let's go help Blob
  • 2015 — …

    Pure CSS loaders [codepen projects]

    Collection of loaders made entirely with CSS3 features (well … Sass actually)

    Check out these pens
  • And many more …

    Go check out my profile page for other cool pens,

    View on Codepen
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