jérôme renders - selected case studies

Hi, i'm Jérôme.

Born late 1992, former HEAJ student, doing design / front-end stuff on the www since 2014. I like to draw and read comics in my freetime. I tend to spend too much time scrolling on the Nasa or National Geographic websites. I'm more of an esport kinda guy, i don't really like coffee, i try to learn something new everyday and I'm always looking for new challenges !


Crazysub, a mobile game prototype

Built in 2014 within a 2 week workshop during my last year of studies at HEAJ. You take control of a submarine and progress as far as possible in a self-generating underwater world filled with enemies.

I designed / created all the interfaces and illustrations in AI & PS while my two teammates (Stanley Lambot & Denis Kohlman) developed the game. Our project finished in the top 3 (out of 10) of the workshop and even though the game is not perfect, we were super proud of the result.


Lines Und Colors, a showcase website

In 2010, Luc, a belgian painter, self created a blog / lightbox type of website to present his paintings. Over the years, the more paintings he uploaded, the more it became difficult to manage.

Late 2015, he asked me to revamp his website. He wanted a year by year classification of his paintings, an overall light theme and an easy way to manage the content. I developed the new website using custom Drupal 7 templates and view.

Update 2017: Luc and I recently talked about load time and mobile issues and I'm currently working on an updated version of the website.


Improv-IT, branding

In 2016, when working at Cronos, i created all the branding visuals of Improv-IT, an IT consultancy business. I designed the different versions of the logo, business cards, slides and other supports.

I also worked and presented a website layout. My design was based on the career and job pages as they are the core of the project and some of my designs were implemented in the final version.

Medium Nine, an app to manage your comics

I'm a big fan of comics belgian ones mostlyand i've accumulated a large collection over the years. The struggle to keep track of all of them is real. For birthdays or gift occasions my friends and family always ask me which ones i have or would like and i never know exactly.

With this platform we all have a way to keep track of our comics, quickly view our friend's lists, discover new comics and get notified when a new one is available in the stores.

Medium Nine is a concept app that i work on during my freetime, nothing has been developed yet

Drawings & comics

Drawing is by far my biggest passion. i started drawing with my father and grandfather when i was 5 y/o, we used to re-create the characters from my favorite anime shows.

During highschool my notes were filled up with random drawing everywhere so i started drawing lessons at a local comic book store. At that time I wanted to create comics as a career. Fast forward to today, almost 25 y/o, i'm not a full time comic book creator but i gave myself the objective to, one day, publish my own.